HYCOS  is a research project investigating our virtual as well as physical surroundings when we collaborate with others in hybrid settings (i.e., some are remote, some are at the same location but we all work together as a team).

Remote and hybrid forms of collaboration have become widespread at the latest since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Even before the pandemic, such work settings were becoming increasingly important …

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1) Establish a Definition of Hybrid Collaboration Spaces

2) Elicit Requirements

3) Develop Modular Prototypes

4) Systematically Evaluate

5) Derive Design & Implementation Guidelines


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Mirjam Augstein

Project Lead, Head of RG PEEC

Mirjam is a professor for Personalized and Collaborative Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Hagenberg. She is principal investigator in the HYCOS project and, together with Johannes Schönböck, heading the research group for Personalized Environments and Collaborative Systems (PEEC).

Johannes Schönböck

Senior Researcher, Head of RG PEEC

Johannes is a professor for Social and Semantic Web and has already dealt with collaborative aspects in software systems in several research projects. Besides researching the necessary basics, his focus in HYCOS is on the conceptual design and implementation of prototypes in order to be able to analyse and test the thoeretic concepts in according user studies.

Carrie Kovacs

Senior Researcher

Carrie is a professor for Organizational Development with a background in psychology and empirical research methods. She plays a supportive role in HYCOS, focusing mainly on the social and psychological aspects of collaboration, as well as on study design and data analysis.

Thomas Neumayr


Thomas recently earned his PhD at JKU Linz. His thesis focuses on the analysis of hybrid collaboration. In HYCOS, he is mainly responsible for planning and conducting user studies, interaction design, analyzing study material, and publications.

Frederik Hirschmann

PhD Student

Frederik is a PhD student with a focus on the technological aspects of hybrid collaboration. In HYCOS, he is mainly responsible for iterative prototyping of a pilot hybrid collaboration space and its components, including conceptualization and evaluation.

Gabriele Kotsis

Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Partner Researcher, Institute for Telecooperation

Bettina Kubicek

University of Graz, Austria

Partner Researcher, Institute of Psychology, Work and Organizational Psychology

Sean Rintel

Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK

Partner Researcher


You can contact us via email to mirjam.augstein@fh-hagenberg.at or via the contact form:


    This research project is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) with funding number P 34928